Ranch Jubilee – A Laramie Jubilee Days Vacation

Your Ranch Stay Will Also be a Laramie Jubilee Days Vacation

Laramie jubilee days vacation includes musical performancesThe Vee Bar Ranch Jubilee will coincide with Laramie’s Jubilee Days. Besides the horseback riding, riding lessons, hiking, fishing, evening entertainment, and campouts, this Laramie Jubilee Days vacation can include so much more. Local rodeos, professional bull riding, petting zoos, carnivals, street dances and more await travelers who are young at heart.  The Laramie Jubilee Days Committee does not finalize it’s schedule until much closer to the event, but the rodeos are usually the culmination of the festivities.  If you would like to go to the rodeos, performances are usually on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.  You might want to consider staying an extra night (Saturday night) at the Vee Bar to get the most out of Laramie Jubilee Days.  On Saturday, July 9, 2016 the downtown streets of Laramie are blocked off for street fairs, a carnival, a chili feed, live music, a beer fest, and much more.  The parade through Laramie begins at 10:00 on Saturday–watch for the Vee Bar float!  Laramie Jubilee Days is the only Statehood Celebration in the state.  Wyoming was admitted into the Union as the forty-fourth state on July 10, 1890.