Mini Donkeys Posted June 13, 2011


In February, the combination of a long car ride and a new Droid phone led to the purchase of two mini donkeys.  Not only are they mini donkeys, they are mini PAINT donkeys.  Who knew such creatures existed?  Brent, ever since meeting two mini donkeys over at the Deerwood Ranch, has liked the idea of having two of his own to use at the Vee Bar.  While shopping for kids horses, Brent came across an ad for Kit and Kaboodle.  Since Kari and Brent were already passing through Colorado on their way home from Arizona, they decided to stop and meet the donkeys.  They immediately knew Kit and Kaboodle would be a good fit for the Vee Bar.  The two donkeys had become quite used to their previous owner, as she was the only one that handled them.  Even though they were friendly to her, she rarely haltered them.  She had purchased them to be companion animals to a rope horse she no longer had.  When Brent and Kari saw them, they were a bit skittish, but came right up to the person they had known for a couple years.  With a little care and attention from the Vee Bar crew, as well as numerous guests at the ranch each week, Kari and Brent knew they would be gentled in no time.  After bringing Kit and Kaboodle home, the next step was to find a mini set of harnesses and a small wagon.  In late May we finally had all we needed to begin their training.  The donkeys will hopefully service young kids at the ranch both as animals to pet and as animals to pull a small wagon to give rides.  We hope to eventually enter them in the annual Laramie Jubilee Days parade the weekend after the 4th of July.  Kit and Kaboodle have been outfitted in their new harnesses several times, and hooked to a wagon twice.  They are doing very well and may progress faster than we originally thought!