New Horses Have Arrived Posted May 17, 2011


The Vee Bar owns approximately 30 horses which stay in the pastures at the ranch year-round.  Each summer the Vee Bar leases around 15 more horses to use for the guest ranch season.  We always have the same core group that we lease year after year.  The horses that didn’t work the previous season or got replaced for one reason or another are the only ones that we don’t see back at the ranch.  Yesterday, Brent and Tommy drove the semi and trailer to Pavilion, Wyoming to pick up 9 horses for the Vee Bar.  A few of these horses include Mason, Ed, and Jello.  The horses seemed to know where they were upon arrival.  They made themselves at home in the corrals last night and munched contently on their hay.  This morning our herd was brought in from the meadows.  Most of the horses will recognize each other and work at establishing their pecking order today.  The order that they establish during the first week is usually the order that they keep all summer.  They will stand in the same place in the corral with the same group of horses each day.  Very few of them mingle from one clique to the next.  When they are all turned out to pasture at night, they will still stay with their friends as they graze.  Horses are quite entertaining, complex creatures.  Their memories of each other and of the Vee Bar are strong year after year.  Perhaps that is what makes it so easy for them to ease into the summer routine.  When each horse is led into the barn for the first time in the spring, they walk calmly as if to say, “Ah, I’m home!”