In Laramie, Wyoming there is a hometown celebration associated with the Fourth of July that calls the young at heart to come celebrate.  It is known as Laramie Jubilee Days and the festivities continue for about 10 days.  Rodeos, carnivals, and street fairs are only a few of the fun things to do.  The Vee Bar Guest Ranch also has it’s own sort of fun.  During the Ranch Jubilee Week at the Vee Bar there are not only activities at the ranch, but ample opportunities to go to Laramie and catch some of the fun.  On Monday, July 4th some of the guests and staff went to Freedom Has a Birthday at Washington Park in Laramie.  We were entertained by talented musicians and vendors.  One musical performing family had all eyes on them when their five year old boy played fiddle and sang to a large audience.  The rest of the guests rode horses across the Vee Bar meadows, taking in all that Mother Nature has to offer.  That evening, everybody dressed in red, white, and blue as we prepared for a fireworks show in Centennial.  Some friends came out from Laramie to join the Vee Bar staff and guests, and we all parked near Centennial to watch the show.  Centennial residents, businesses, and passers-by donated money to a “fireworks pool” and the money was used to purchase the town’s fireworks.  Some people also set off their own.  Although the show is not timed and organized, it lasted over an hour, and the fireworks were pretty impressive!

In addition to the horseback riding in “God’s Country” guests moved cattle across the plains, took a wagon ride with our team of horses, watched the Mr. T Bull Riding in Laramie, had a cook out in the mountains,  had several musicians at the ranch, and much more!

As another Fourth of July passes, and Laramie Jubilee Days comes to a close, we often wonder what the celebrations might have been like in the “old” days.  Rodeos, dances, and firecrackers probably completed any get-together.  A holiday such as the Fourth of July was the perfect reason to meet up with old friends and drop work for a day or two.  Imagine what it was like to only be able to communicate by mail or in person.  No phones, radios, or internet.   Communication was personal and more meaningful.  It was not taken for granted.  Any chance to get together with neighbors and friends had to be a special day; probably one worth talking about and reminiscing about for months to follow.

Here at the Vee Bar, the guests who visit have been so connected and “plugged in” that they forget what it’s like to live in the moment.  Think about how much time is spent in a day texting, checking e-mail, updating Facebook, and talking on the phone.  Communication via internet, phones, and texting is such a part of daily life that families often have to reacquaint themselves with each other while they are here, free of distractions and interruptions.  People have become such multi-taskers that their lives have actually become more complicated, stressful, and demanding.  For this reason it seems extra special for people to be able to spend time at the Vee Bar, in the heart of Mother Nature.  Time and time again we hear about the wonderfully refreshing vacation or simple get-away people have had.  They make new friends with other guests, play cards and board games with other family members, spend time outside being active, and simply have a good time.

As this Ranch Jubilee Week comes to a close at the Vee Bar, we would like to remind you to spend time living in the moment.  Don’t forget how to communicate on a personal level–it is important and everybody needs it.  Whether it’s at the Vee Bar or another place you consider your sanctuary, be sure to celebrate events and make them ones worth talking about and reminiscing about for months to follow.