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Western Photography Workshop
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ヴィーバー Guest Ranch is excited to announce the first annual Stoecklein Photography Workshop at the ranch September 23-26, 2016. ドリューとテイラーStoeckleinは、その分野で有名な西洋の写真家や専門家であります. ザ ヴィーバー Guest Ranch is the perfect western location, リトルララミー川は背景としてプロパティを介して、その方法を織るとスノーウィー山脈で. Together the ヴィーバー Guest Ranch and Stoecklein Photography are offering the best of the best!

ヴィーバー ゲストランチ, located in southeast Wyoming, 20 ララミーのマイル西, ワイオミング州, 家族経営されています summer guest ranch そして、冬のベッド&ブレックファースト. 歴史的なメインロッジを建てられました 1891 as a stage coach stop. 今, メインロッジの客室に加えて、9ゲストキャビンの合計があります. 近代的な設備と魅力的なキャビンは、家庭の快適をゲストに提供します, そして、せせらぎリトルララミー川の水は完璧な夜の子守唄を提供します. メインロッジにはゲストがおいしい家庭料理を楽しむダイニングルームとして機能します. ジョン・ウェインサルーンは、プールテーブル付きの品揃えの豊富なバーです, ボードゲーム, そして、カード. 滞在中は屋外ホットタブなどの牧場上の他の活動やアメニティをお楽しみいただけます, 馬蹄ピット, archery, trapshooting, 乗馬, 釣り, and other seasonal activities.

Stoecklein写真の学生は本物の西部の設定で実際のカウボーイとカウガールをキャプチャするドリューとテイラーStoeckleinからインスピレーションを得ることができます. 西の牧場遺産とデビッドStoeckleinの魅力が仲良くなるために彼を導きました, and subsequently photograph, the men and women still breathing life into the mythical figure of the cowboy. David’s passion for preserving the traditions and beliefs of the country’s honest, hard-working cowboys and cowgirls gradually earned him their respect. With that respect came an open invitation to share in their lives, and the great responsibility to honor their trust.

David has materialized the Spirit of the West for generations to come. He has preserved millions of images, produced many books, calendars, prints and cards. Now David’s sons, ドリューとテイラーは父親の遺産を共有し続けることを誇りに思っています. ドリューStoeckleinは、商業と編集クライアントの割り当てに世界中に彼を導いた道を選びました, both as a cinematographer/photographer and as a sponsored athlete. Spending time behind the lens and also in front of the camera has given him a valuable perspective for capturing unique and eye-catching images. Drew’s first book, Seasons of the Steelhead, produced in 2011, received the coveted Best Book of the Year Award from the American Fly Fishing Trade Association. Drew’s biggest thrill is delivering unforgettable imagery to all of his clients.

Taylor Stoecklein grew up learning to love the ways of the western lifestyle. Having assisted his father on photo shoots from the age of 15, Taylor developed a passion for photography and capturing the American West through his own eyes. He combined his enthusiasm of the western way of life with his education by competing in rodeos throughout college while attending California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, カリフォルニア. Taylor then continued his education at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA where he truly refined his photography skills. Taylor now travels the country taking photos for major companies.

To learn more and sign up for the first annual Stoecklein Photography Workshop at the ヴィーバー ゲストランチ, click here!