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Snowy Range Ski Area Packages

Enjoy a luxurious stay and epic snow.

雪の範囲のスキー場でのディープパウダーにとどまる ヴィーバー ゲストランチ, ララミースキー場でスキー, get a discount on both!

ヴィーバー ゲストランチとスノーウィーレンジスキー場は、 2013 to offer guests great discounts on both lodging and ski packages. It is a deal you won’t be able to beat and an experience you will cherish forever! で ヴィーバー ゲストランチ, 手作りの朝食は毎日含まれています! ザ キャビン リトルララミー川の土手に沿って居心地の良い取得するのに最適な場所です, 本を読む, or play board games with other members of your party. After a day of skiing, enjoy the clear Wyoming sky and count stars from the outdoor hot tub. The John Wayne Saloon is the stage for a game of billiards, カード, or board games from our collection. For the non-skiers in your party, または数日間のためにあなたはスキーしません, the Medicine Bow National Forest provides miles and miles of snowshoeing and cross country ski trails. Give our office a call at 800-483-3227 あなたの冬の休暇をスケジュールする!

レート & Ski Package Information
すべてのパッケージはあなた獲得します,,en,スキー場のリフト券の割引,,en,レンタル,,en,そして、教訓。ヴィーバーでは宿泊施設の予約を行った後,,en,あなたの割引を受けるためにスキー場で使用するコードを受け取ることになります。リフト券の予約をしてください,,en,そして、スキー場を通じてレッスン。切符売場,,en,そして、教訓は、少なくともスキー場で、オンラインまたは電話で購入する必要があります,,en,契約を得るために事前に時間。故に,,en,これらの宿泊パッケージは、事前に48時間を予約する必要があります。 A,,en 15% スキー場リフト券とレンタルの割引. で宿泊予約をした後 ヴィーバー, you will receive a code to use at the ski area to get your discount. Make reservations for lift tickets, rentals, and lessons through the ski area. Tickets, rentals, and lessons must be purchased online or over the phone with the ski area at least 48 割引を受ける時間前に. Therefore, these lodging packages must be reserved 48-hours in advance. A 30% deposit is required to reserve the package. Please call (800-483-3227) or email ( the office for a rate quote, availability, and questions.

2-night ski package—Couples Package

2-夜B,,en,夜B,,en&B $160 一人当たり

2-night ski package—Family/Group Package (3 or more people per cabin)

2-夜B,,en,夜B,,en&B $153 (大人1名) (最初の2つ)

2-夜B,,en,夜B,,en&B $110 per teen or additional adult after the first two

2-夜B,,en,夜B,,en&B $90 子供一人当たり (年齢 12 と下)

2-night non-skier *same discount as applicable age range*

3-night ski package

3-夜B,,en,夜B,,en&B $235 per adult or teen (最初の2つ)

3-night B&B $153 per teen or additional adult after the first two

3-night B&B $140 子供一人当たり (年齢 12 と下)

3-night non-skier *same discount as applicable age range*

Cancellation Policy

30-day cancellation policy. Your deposit is non-refundable if canceled 30 or less days before your reservation. Your deposit is refundable minus $100 for processing if canceled greater than 30 days before your reservation. This includes weather-related cancellations. Your deposit may be applied towards a rescheduled reservation in the 2019-2020 ski season.

加える 4番目 / 5番目 night for $50 (大人1名) & teen; $25 for children! (for skiers and non-skiers) **Additional 10% 割引は適用されません**

ヴィーバー ゲストランチは約位置しています 10 miles from the Snowy Range Ski Area. After a day on the slopes, relax in your riverside suite or cabin, and soothe sore muscles in the outdoor hot tub. The Vee Bar Ranch is made up of a main lodge building where the dining room, kitchen, and office can be found. ザ riverside suites are located west of the main lodge along the banks of the Little Laramie River. Each suite can sleep up to four people. There are also three larger キャビン that can sleep 5-8 人. Each cabin/suite has one bathroom, a small refrigerator, and coffee maker. The suites also have a washer and dryer. None of the cabins or suites have a kitchenette. On the property guests will also find the John Wayne Saloon, the barn which once served as a stage stop, and other shops and outbuildings. A hot, homemade breakfast is served to guests each day of their stay, and included with the lodging rates.