Spring in Wyoming means an abundance of our famous wind and a few stray snowstorms sprinkled amongst days that are so bright and sunny, we can almost taste it. It also means calving, ここワイオミング州と ヴィーバー ランチ. The cows that you will be riding amongst during the summer have been busy doing the most natural thing they will do their whole lives. But even on the ranches you will be visiting, there is more than one way to usher in new life.

First of all, calve is both a verb and a noun, which can get a little confusing. It describes both the act of giving birth and the actual animal itself. The time of year that the herd calves is picked many months ago, 283 days before the birth day, according to the average. 繁殖は夏の間に起こる,,en,受胎の機会を増やすためのサイクル,,en,これは、分娩のための日付の範囲が少なくとも2ヶ月間実行されることを意味する,,en,このエリアのほとんどの牧場経営者,,en,自分自身が含まれて,,en,早くも1月に始まり、3月に走る "春の分娩"を実践する,,en,今年のこの時期は、秋に市場で売るために子牛のサイズを最大にしたい牧場家に好まれます,,en,地面が固く凍っているので、また好ましい,,en,「湿った土壌」による感染や怪我のリスクを軽減します。これらの月の間に年間降雪量の大部分が得られたため、これは困難です,,en,吹雪や嵐の中で牛を調べることはかなり一般的です,,en 2-3 cycles to increase the chances of conception, または 65-70 days, which means the range of dates for calving runs at least two months.

Most ranchers in this area, ourselves included, practice “spring calving” starting as early as January and running into March. This time of the year is preferred by ranchers who want to maximize the size of the calves for selling at the market in the fall. It is also preferred because the ground is hard and frozen, reducing the risk of infections or injuries from “soggy soil.” It is challenging because we get the majority of our snowfall for the year during these months, making it pretty common to be checking cows during a blizzard or storm. そしてそれらの赤ちゃんは、牧場で屋外で暖かいシャワーを浴びる可能性があります,,en,冗談抜き,,en,またはタオルと保護された納屋,,en,最低でも,,en,畜産には珍しい紆余曲折があります,,en,1日2〜4回,,en,初心者のためのさらに多くの,,en,かご,,en,群れは時計の周りをチェックされます,,en,いくつかの牧場はそれをするために誰かを雇う,,en,通常ララミーの大学の牧場の子供たち,,en,時には一晩中のカードゲームとウィスキーボトル,,en,または前に来たカウボーイや牧場の世代によって保持されている他の伝統,,en,ワイオミング州,,en,それは通過の儀式です,,en,年一回の練習,,en,それはより多くの場合、宇野(Uno)のゲームと昼夜の目覚まし時計,,en,ブレントや他の友人や家族に手伝ってもらう,,en (no joke!) or towels and a sheltered barn, at the very least. Animal husbandry has some unusual twists!

Two to four times a day (and even more for first-time mothers, called heifers) the herd is checked around the clock. Some ranches hire someone to do it, usually ranch kids from the university in Laramie. Sometimes it’s an all-night card game and a bottle of whiskey, or other traditions kept by the generations of cowboys and ranchers that have come before. In Wyoming, it’s a rite of passage, as well as being a yearly practice.

ここで、 ヴィーバー, it’s more often comprised of games of Uno and alarm clocks off and on all night, left in the hands of Brent and other friends and family members who come stay to help out. キャスター,,en,プロセスを監視する手を説明する名詞でもあります,,en,通常は "キャンパー,,en,"ここの馬のトレーラーの居住地,,en,あなたはそこにブレントを見つけるかもしれないし、彼の友人,,en,誰が彼の6歳の息子に沿ってもたらす,,en,ベイリーが数時間おきに登場するのはずっと前になるだろう,,en,彼女のお父さんと一緒に牛を調べる,,en,私たちは,,en,今シーズンの小さなもの,,en,小さな偉業はない,,en,私たちの隣の牧場で,,en,彼らは物事を別々にする,,en,ヘクト・クリーク・ランチは毛深いハイランド牛を聞いて「夏の分娩」を行います,,en,彼らの場合,,en,夜分娩が非常に少ない,,en,温度が準ゼロではないため,,en,彼らの子牛は秋には市場時代にはより小さくなるかもしれませんが,,en,彼らは伝統的に死の損失が少なく、乾草費用を節約します,,en (it’s also a noun to describe the hands that monitor the process) usually stay in the “camper,” or the living quarters of the horse trailer here on the ranch. You might find Brent out there or his friend, Kelly, who brings along his 6-year old son. It won’t be long before Bailey will be up every few hours, checking cows with her dad. We have calved about 60 little ones this season, no small feat.

At our neighboring ranch, they do things differently. Hecht Creek Ranch practices “summer calving” with their heard of hairy Highland cattle. In their case, there is very little night calving, because temperatures are not sub-zero. And while their calves may be smaller at market time in the fall, they traditionally have less death loss and save money in hay costs, 母親のためのピーク草を利用して、赤ちゃんを重い体重に看護する,,en,いずれにせよそれをスライスする,,en,生まれつきの問題を抱えている子牛を引っ張ったり、その過程でママや子牛を助けなければならないかもしれません,,en,一部の人々は、牛を子牛に連れてもらう,,en,そして、子ウサギとママが健康であるかどうかを判断する必要があります,,en,子牛が授乳中の場合,,en,新しい親に馴染みのある方法に沿ったその他の驚き,,en,すぐに,,en,これらの吹雪と新しい世代をもたらす私たちの群れを助ける長い時間は、ずっと前のように感じるでしょう,,en,私たちは山の中の雪が降った川を見上げるでしょう,,en,草が緑になる,,en,野生の花や鳥が姿を現し始めた,,en,あなたがそれらを見る時までに,,en.

Either way you slice it, you may have to pull the calves that are having troubles being born or help the mamas or the calves along in the process. Some folks even bring the cows in the barn to calve. And then you need to determine if the calves and mamas are healthy, if the calves are nursing, and other surprises along the way that are familiar to new parents.

Soon, these snowstorms and long hours helping our herd bring in the new generation will feel like a long time ago. We will watch the river rise with the melting snow in the mountains, the grass get greener, and wildflowers and birds starting to make their appearances. By the time you see them, 子ウシは彼らのかかとを蹴り上げ、新しい緑の牧草地で遊んでいます,,en,それでは,,en,知ってますか,,en,夏にはVee Bar Guest Ranchを訪れ、牛やチームペンの牛を飼ってもらうことができます,,en,詳しくはこちら,,en,夏のパッケージと料金,,en,私たちを見る,,en,サンプル夏期スケジュール,,en,あなたの訪問を計画する,,en,ジーナ・シーゲルが書いた記事,,en,Vee Bar Guest Ranchブログ貢献者,,en. And so will we.

Did you know? あなたは訪問することができます ヴィーバー 夏のゲスト牧場と群れの牛やチームペン牛を助ける! Read more about our summer packages and rates, view our sample summer schedule, と contact us to plan your visit!


Article written by Gina Sigel, ヴィーバー Guest Ranchブログ投稿者