Hay Days Fall Festival

Gather your friends and family for a fall harvest party, pumpkin patch, and afternoon of free fun.  It’s a beautiful time of year and this is an inspiring way to enjoy it. 

Gather for a Fall celebration!

Admission is free and open to the public–call it customer appreciation or community service.  Either way, we enjoy the opportunity to provide a day of fun for local families and passers-by!  Activities will take place on October 21, 2023, tentatively scheduled from 1-4.  There will be a pumpkin patch, live music, outdoor lawn games, roping dummies, food and drinks, and a horse-drawn wagon ride.  

($) Indicates and extra charge, not included in admission ticket

(Information below will be updated as the day gets closer)–the information below is from 2022. 

Pumpkin Patch ($)
The pumpkin patch will be accessible by foot, located close to the main lodge. The pumpkin patch will include pumpkins of varying sizes and you will be free to hunt for the perfect pumpkins! Pumpkin prices will be $9 for medium (basketball size), and $12 for larger pumpkins.

Lawn games & roping dummies
The front lawn of the lodge is the perfect landscape for a variety of games including Cornhole (bag toss), Ladder Ball, and horseshoe pits. Try your hand at roping, too! These games will be available throughout the event! All of these activities are included with admission.

Food and Drink ($)
There will be a small selection of snacks available during the event.  The Centennial Valley 4-H Club help with these sales as their community service project.  Kids in this club range in age from 6-12 years old!

Horse-drawn Wagon Rides
Meet our team, King and Cosmo! They will be on duty for a couple hours (1:30-3:00) throughout the day of the event. They like to have their pictures taken, but most of all, they love to pull the big wagon and give tours of the ranch meadows! Wagon rides are included with the price of admission, but they don’t go all day.

Working Sheep Dog Demonstration 2:00 (located at the outdoor arena)
Be at the wagon before 1:45 to hitch a ride!
Billy Pickel has entertained the Vee Bar’s summer guests for years with his Border Collie dogs. He is a retired school teacher and he continues to share his passion and hobby with others: training dogs to work sheep. The demonstration is scheduled to be outside at 2:00, but if Mother Nature throws a wrench in those plans, the demonstration will be canceled.  This demonstration is included with the price of admission. The demonstration lasts roughly 30-45 minutes.

Live Music!
Davis & Mavrick will provide entertainment from 1:00-4:00 in front of the main lodge.  Bring a lawn chair if you want to get comfy and listen for a while.  They play great music and you won’t be disappointed!

Little Laramie Trading Company will be present with a selection of their goods.  They are local and family-owned.  You can look them up at https://littlelaramietrading.com/  

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